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How is Security Testing Important in Healthcare Applications?

The healthcare sector is facing several challenges for the past few years. With the ongoing pandemic affecting the global population, the need for improved healthcare technology is vital.

Talking about healthcare applications, their key purpose is to manage critical data linked to different patients and organizations associated with its services. Under this arrangement, data is stored as health records, payment information, account details, and identity particulars. This data is sensitive and requires high-end security shields for averting any mishap. Therefore, the implementation of security testing comes as a requirement related to healthcare applications.

In the recent past, security failures within the healthcare sector have led to serious damage. Such events have greatly influenced healthcare applications used in this modern era that maintain patients’ important data. Also, the rising count of cases highlighting medical identity theft has called for a firm deployment of security testing for healthcare apps.

Security Testing for Healthcare Apps

What is the correct security testing approach for a healthcare app? To obey a comprehensive security testing process, the primary goal is focused on a constructive app review.

  • This includes the provision for a well-detailed guideline to execute vital facets with security given the topmost priority
  • The security tester is responsible to highlight existing security features and remodel the framework for verification, data security, audit logging, and much more
  • Additionally, a calculated security testing approach involves data validation testing, configuration management testing, session management testing, business logic testing, and OWASP testing for vulnerabilities like XSS and SQL injection.

Advantages of Security Testing Concerning Healthcare Apps

For creating a better understanding associated with the practicality of security testing related to healthcare applications, below mentioned are a few important actions that need not be missed.

 Protecting PHI

The role of security testing within healthcare apps is centred at targeting all vulnerabilities including potential risks linked to protected health information (PHI). This action also covers decryption attempts as well as other attacks. In simple words, to ensure the healthcare applications fulfil HIPAA compliance, the overall security of PHI is essential.

Authentication of Data Storage

It is imperative to ensure that transferred data should be kept safe and similar measures need to be abided for data storage. The deployment of security testing assists in safeguarding your data storage measures. Overall, it offers an analysis of the ongoing security solution, policy-based data management, and encryption technique.

Validating Identity Management

The presence of security loopholes acts as vulnerability pointers for hackers. It is through the implementation of security testing techniques we can detect such errors, thereby, allowing the testing professionals to enhance identity validation and diminish any scope for violating patient privacy.

Approve Security Methods

What are your supreme methods to protect the healthcare application’s data? Have you implemented two-way authentication or any specific encryption algorithm? With the use of security testing, a complete assessment of your safety mechanism is carried out.

Improved Software Quality

While dealing with the healthcare domain, the use of safer software is always preferred. This includes the ability to spot bugs in the initial stages with a purpose to lessen overall cost and enhance product quality at release time.

Secure Data Transmission

A healthcare application would manage data exchange across different platforms, such as email, mobile devices, and cloud storage. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the data is properly encrypted and safeguarded from unauthorized access during the overall exchange process. It is crucial to stay watchful during transmission since data leak can cause a major blunder at such a stage. The role of security testing works as a shield and permits a safe transfer of data.

Risk Assessment

The level of risk associated with a healthcare application can be assessed well before the scheduled release. Such an action can prove advantageous to your team of tester for carrying out further diagnose and cure related vulnerabilities.

The healthcare sector has been loaded with technological aids, thereby, augmenting the need for application security testing. This blog has carefully highlighted the various positives of security testing in regard to healthcare apps. For a better understanding of this operation, you can connect with experienced professionals from quality software testing companies like ImpactQA.

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How Does Big Data Testing Impact an Organization?

We cannot deny the fact that data is the gold stock for an organization without which its sustenance is dim. Big Data, known as extremely large sets of data acquired from multiple sources is beneficial for extracting valuable information. This is the reason why every organization is focused to implement the right techniques for the collection, storage, assessment and testing of Big Data.

What is the importance of Big Data testing? It primarily helps to eliminate data complexities through the confirmation of the quality and integrity of your data. Here are three essential pointers that support the vital nature of big data testing in today’s highly competitive world.  

  • High-quality assessment of data is listed as one of the topmost preferences for business organizations. It has become imperative to utilize big data by large organizations to acquire tested and affirmed insights.  
  • For instance, if big data does not undergo a quality test, it might become difficult to provide useful information that can support an organization with decision-making tasks.
  • Even though numerous enterprises organize comprehensive Big Data analysis, there are cases when they fail to obtain the desired result. Under such circumstances, the only smart way to ensure the correct processing and assessment of data is through the implementation of Big Data testing.

Applicability of Big Data Testing for an Organization

Processing of big data can be tricky and does require a structured plan which shouldn’t limit itself to just data validation but also lay emphasis on system testing and other aspects. To overcome this issue and distribute efforts evenly across segments, there are different methods to operate on big data.

Testing Scheme: Frame better testing actions that automate the procedure concerned with the collection and examination of valid data. It is essential to make sure that the test automation scheme runs parallel to the stated business targets.

Functional Testing: While reviewing every aspect of Big Data, functional testing is required to authorize the outcomes. It becomes crucial to perform and validate at each stage with a purpose to eradicate defects and fulfill customer expectations.

Performance Testing: Assessing the performance to measure the speed, stability, and adaptability concerning different data sets. This action involves the analysis of large data under a short period. To be specific, the goal is to highlight defects and remove the blockers which are known to hamper performance.

Benefits of Enterprise-Level Big Data Testing

Apart from the above-mentioned assistance, Big Data testing does prove advantageous in several other ways. Here are 5 such profitable facets of Big Data testing impacting your enterprise:

Slashed Downtime

It is a fact that several applications rely on data for active operations. As for bad data, it tends to hamper the performance and effectiveness of the application. There are cases when during the collection and distribution of data on applications, organizations aren’t able to analyze data health that results in downtime. A smart solution to this issue is Big Data testing which can help modify data quality and associated application processes that eventually reduce the overall downtime.

Better Market Strategies

Currently, businesses are concentrated on extracting big data benefits to plan their digital marketing schemes. As web technology advances, it has become convenient for businesses to gather huge amounts of data based on history and user activity. This data can be converted into a persuasive, individualized experience for every customer who visits the website. In short, big data testing can assist businesses in setting up optimization targeting to make improved decisions.

Enhanced Data Security

For enterprises involved with client applications, it is vital to maintain data confidentiality to sustain the level of trust established by their clients. In case of a breach in data security, the brand name falls in the risk zone. Therefore, it is suggested to conduct big data testing at all levels to avert the chances of data security failure.

Big Data Testing & Security Concerns (Image Source)

ROI Improvement

When it comes to enterprises, it is necessary to get competitive while structuring strategies for Predictive Analytics and Big Data. The addition of testing as a compulsory activity right before any analysis or processing ensures that the organization is dealing with the correct data to expect better outputs. Such an execution is a fine example of uplifting the ROI and take a significant lead over competitors.

Controlled Consistency

The use of different applications by enterprises is a routine act for dealing with diverse data sets which can cause data inconsistencies. It is surely a big disgrace to organizations when the acquired output through Predictive Analytics and Big Data does not show consistency. It is through Big Data testing that variability in data can be determined beforehand to permit suitable actions for discarding the uncertainty.  

This write-up gives a brief outlook as to why Big Data testing is staged upfront for managing Big Data systems. Inappropriate testing of Big Data systems directly affects business, which is something that needs to be addressed first hand. The incorporation of Big Data Testing is basically a correction method that ultimately avoids the wastage of resources.

Big Data testing and its effective impact to an organization can be further understood through expert guidance at ImpactQA. The team of testers and developers are always ready to resolve your doubts associated with testing Big Data for diverse processes.

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