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Top Automation Testing Tools for 2020

The world today is bound by technology mainly available in the form of software. These comprehensively coded applications are compatible on both desktops and mobile devices, thereby, making them highly accessible. For a particular software to operate successfully, it should exhibit the quality of the higher-order. Hence, testing has become a vital aspect during the development process for any software.

These days, the dependency on automated software testing has increased since it takes lesser time for running repetitive tests as compared to manual testing. In fact, several famous enterprises from the software testing arena have listed automation testing among their top-ranked services. 

What Are The Benefits Of Automation Testing?

The usefulness of automation testing or test automation is primarily related to upholding software quality. Some of the crucial advantages of implementing test automation within the software development cycle are:

  • For developers, shared automated tests are effective for quickly recognizing problems before passing them on for quality assurance.
  • Automated tests are precise and avoid mistakes even when the same steps are repeated multiple times. In addition, the record for every executed step is stored.
  • Testers get time from repetitive manual tests to develop new automated tests for software.
  • Automated testing reduces the time for conducting repetitive tests, thereby, directly converting into cost savings.

Which Automation Tool Is In Demand? 

The process of test automation is incomplete without the correct knowledge of the automation testing tools list. The usefulness of automation testing tools is realized for determining how automation is conducted for reaping the expected benefits. Looking at the current trends within the test automation space, there has been a significant rise in the implementation of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). The main purpose through such mergers is to deliver progressive abilities for test optimization, test generation, and test reporting.

Therefore, you need to opt for the top QA automation tools for upholding your test automation arrangement in sync with the latest technological advancements. Here are the top automation tools 2020 that are researched to provide the best results based on specific business needs:  


Selenium is a popular testing tool mostly concerned with web application automation testing. You can call it the best QA automation software that has been ranked #1 for open-source automation testing. Hence, users can conveniently execute automation tests for multiple operating systems and browsers, with the benefit of supporting diverse programming languages.  

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is an open-source automation testing tool that is available for both web and mobile app development scenarios. This particular software is ranked among the best automation tools since it can be easily incorporated with a vast array of tools like JIRA, Kobiton, Slack, etc.


This is a famous cross-browser test automation software that makes it to the automation testing tools list. The benefit of LambdaTest is its genius to operate Selenium automation tests over a reliable and secure cloud-based Selenium grid. With this action, you are allowed to perform automated cross-browser testing covering 2000+ browsers.


Cucumber has received high-end recognition for being one of the best automation testing tools. This open-source BDD or Behavior Driven Development tool controls an attractive list of customers, with major enterprises involved. Cucumber can support a wide array of programming languages; this is one of the primary assets of this test automation tool. However, its limitation to only support the web environment can be seen as a drawback.


The utility of Appium test automation is concerned with mobile applications. Presently, Appium is ranked among the best automation tools and functions as an open-source tool. The most vibrant aspect of this software is its ability to employ vendor-provided automation frameworks and is based on client/server architecture. There are no complications with Appium’s installation and can be used without any hassle.


Are you in search of the best continuous automation framework for Agile and DevOps? WorkSoft is the foremost contender in this race as it is designed to resolve some of the most intricate automation issues. Unlike other test automation tools, it serves as the only code-free platform for continuous test automation. For clearing out serious business processes, WorkSoft is deployed by several large enterprises as an efficient software testing tool for smart automation.


You can trust TestComplete as a helpful automation testing tool that targets web, desktop, and mobile applications. Currently, this software is listed among the leading automation tools and is capable of building functional UI tests. Furthermore, TestComplete also allows the scripting of different languages like JavaScript, Python, etc.

ZeuZ Automation Solutionz

This is a booming test automation framework that smartly incorporates cloud and API applications. ZeuZ Automation Solutionz is called a scriptless, built-in tool that permits the creation of complex workflows covering different platforms in just one small step.


If you talk about the latest automation testing tools in market, Testsigma has skillfully initiated a new trend in the field of smart automation. This automation testing framework is best suited for the Agile and DevOps arena due to its AI-driven approach.

QMetry Automation Studio

QAS or QMetry Automation Studio is a popular test automation tool that is listed among the topmost open-source frameworks. With the implementation of QAS, your automation efforts get to achieve greater efficiency and structure. Furthermore, this software backs sophisticated automation strategy merged with coded automation for satisfactory results.

For learning more about suitable test automation tools and their specialized operations, you can connect with professional testers at ImpactQA.

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5 Best Cross Browser Compatibility Testing Tools in 2019

In the past two decades, there has seen a tremendous increase in the web. There were about 2.4 Million websites in 1998 and now there are approx 1.8 billion. More devices results to more users, more platforms and more browsers and eventually more ways in which your website can be viewed. Each browser gives support for an exceptional blend of web technologies, but along with it there are drawbacks. Not all technologies are supported by all web browsers. Seamless user experience on one browser does not guarantee the same experience in each web browsers. Hence, it becomes extremely crucial that you test your website’s mettle on all the browsers. This is where cross-browser tests come into play.

If your website is not cross-browser compatible, your competitors will benefit from that! Yes!!

  • 45% will be uncertain to visit your website again or they may never visit in future
  • 32% of the users find your website problematic in one way or another are less likely to pay you for your service
  • 35% of them will make a negative perception of your company
  • Yet 21-22% of users will leave for good

What do we need to test?
A few factors that need to be tested while performing cross-browser testing are:
1) HTML or XHTML validation
2) CSS validation
3) All images and alignment and Font size validation
4) Page validations without and with JavaScript enabled
5) Ajax and JQeury functionality
6) Page styles in multiple resolutions
7) Footer and header sections
8) Special characters with HTML character encoding
11) Special characters with HTML character encoding
12) Date formats
13) Page zoom-out and zoom-in functionality
Knowing these factors, it is clear and understood why it is feasible to pick out the best cross-browser testing tool.

Top 5 Cross-Browser Testing Tools
To ensure that your websites will work for as many users as possible, here is the list of top 5 Cross Browser Testing tools:

  1. BrowserStack
  • BrowserStack test with real browsers on real machines which allow both software tester and developer to test websites and mobile apps.
  • It is cloud-based and so it doesn’t necessitate any installation, the pre-installed developer tools are helpful for quick debugging and cross-browser test.
  • With this, you can conduct live testing and automated test on mobile devices and web-browsers. It supports opera mobile, Windows (XP, 7 and 8), Android, lion and mountain lion, iOS, OSX snow leopard, etc.
  • Another feature is the native experience, where you can enjoy test through the browsers with the help of DevTools.

2. LambdaTest

  • LambdaTest is a cloud-based powerful cross-browser testing platform that allows you to carry out cross-browser compatibility tests of your web app or websites.
  • This tool allows you to test your website across a huge list of web-browsers and their respective versions. The specialty of this tool is that it provides both automated and manual cross-browser tests for your web app.
  • LambdaTest tool is genuinely fast than the rest, especially with desktops, and they seem to concentrate more on customer satisfaction as their reaction to user problems is truly fast.
  • It has clean UI and provides simple to use testing experience. Supported devices are Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Web-based.

3. Sauce Labs

  • Sauce Labs is a prime cloud-based all-in-one framework to test your sites and mobile app=s across all major devices and browsers.
  • Another trait that stands it out from the crowd is that it does not require any VM set up or maintenance for running the test cases.
  • SauceLabs usually focuses on continuous tests to get instant feedback on your changes throughout the development process.
  • It offers you the scalability, wide test coverage, and years of experience to accelerate the software test life cycle and decrease your build times.

4. CrossBrowser Testing

  • Cross-browser testing tool provides interactive browser compatibility tests over the mobile as well as desktop browsers. It is available for multiple OS.
  • It is the famous commercial cross-browser testing tools. It supports over 1000 amalgamation of different Operating Systems and browsers including mobile browsers.
  • Their main trait comprises live tests (manual testing), visual testing (screenshots) and automated testing. This makes a great platform for designers, QA, and developers, to collaborate on test projects.
  • Cross-browser testing has automated screenshot feature, localhost support, and test behind logins among others.

5. Browsershots

  • Browsershots  is an open-source testing platform. It allows you to test site in any browser and OS. This is an extensively used software testing tool because of its features and accessible customizations.
  • One can easily run cross-browser compatibility testing with great customization choices like browser type, screen size, operating system, JavaScript status, color depth, and Flash enable or disable settings.
  • This free browser test tool allows you to take site screen-shots in approximately 61 browsers and several operating systems.
  • Supported browsers: Firefox, IE, Google Chrome, Minefield, Opera, Netscape, Safari, etc. with almost all versions.

There are loads of cross-browser testing tools available like Browsershots, Browserling, IE tab, Multi-browser, BrowserEmAll, NetRendere, Litmus, etc. that help you to test the web application and mobile application (Android and iOS) for cross-browser compatibility. Choosing a good cross-browser test tool often depends on your need as each of these browser compatibility checking tools come with their own traits.

Want to share your experience with cross-browser testing tools? Please share in the comment section below. We would truly appreciate.

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Cross Browser Testing- “IMPORTANCE” & “TYPES”

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