Quality Assurance Process Audits

Industry-leading SQA Process Auditing

SQA Process Audit and Improvement services are designed to ensure the functionality and usability of a software product. By incorporating SQA throughout the development and testing stages, decision makers can ensure their products meet the needs of their key stakeholders.

ImpactQA’s SQA Process Audit and Improvement solutions benefit a wide variety of companies. From businesses focused on software services and product development, to independent software vendors and companies that implement internal software solutions within their enterprise, we’re here to help.

ImpactQA SQA Process Audit and Improvement Phases:
Analysis of the

Our team creates cost evaluations, scope assessments, and timelines for each client – ensuring that client logistics are met.

Repeat Adaptation
and Improvement

Continuous evaluation of your evolving software ensures you have stable, well-defined SQA processes beyond our work.

and Guidance

We provide a comprehensive direction for the testing strategy, evaluations of delays, and resolve internal issues.

ImpactQA SQA Process Audit and Improvement Methodology:
1. Analysis of the Situation and Recommendation

  • Classifying the objective of a service, as well as assessing the client’s business goals, and overall strengths and weaknesses.
  • General documentation of existing processes and a detailed description of the technological base.
  • Recommendation formulation in relation to the results.
  • Outlining the cost and scope of the work required, incorporation of timeframes, and the designation of responsibilities for each team.
2. Adjustment or Development of a Quality Assurance Strategy

  • Elaborating on the criteria for the anticipated quality level of the fully developed end product.
  • Goal setting for quality assurance benchmarks and guidelines.
  • Defining advantageous ways to achieve stated goals through testing plans and adjusted scope of tests.
3. Choosing Correct Tools and Technologies

  • Evaluating and deciding upon an appropriate test environment.
  • Utilization of bug tracking systems, task and requirement management systems, and reporting systems.
  • Assessment and application of appropriate testing tools for automation or specific test types.
  • Allocation of any additional tools like knowledge sharing or, QA history management tools.
4. Development of Processes

  • Include communication, interaction, accountability, and thorough documentation.
  • Implementation of processes for employee training or the forming of a test department or team.
  • Supervision over any necessary adjustment to the process resulting from a changed market or altered project situation.
The ImpactQA approach to SQA services, is accomplished through a planned and systematic methodology. ImpactQA has focused on optimizing their SQA strategy to ensure successful evaluations of quality, in addition to the adherence to software product standards, processes, and procedures.

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