Legacy Modernization & Migration Services

We ensure that your legacy systems are seamlessly migrated to the latest and most efficient technology with the greatest accuracy and no loss of data.

Solutions Offered for Legacy Application Modernization

ImpactQA is a top legacy migration company that has been supporting multinational corporations. We offer bespoke legacy software migration, which means we can meet all of your needs, regardless of their complexity. As a legacy modernization company, ImpactQA has a wide array of services which includes:


Technology Modernization

We modify the backend of your legacy apps, focusing on relational database building, improving GUI, and updating the OS.


Infrastructure Modernization

Revamping infrastructure can be very costly. ImpactQA specializes in modernizing your existing infrastructure, saving time and cost.


Data Modernization

We use AI/ML-based data structures and analytics to streamline a whole data pipeline and create flexible solutions for cloud and on-premise hosting and database modernization.


Cloud Modernization

Modernizing your legacy systems through legacy migration solutions to seamlessly work on the cloud and simultaneously ensure the systems are migrated without hindrance.


UX/UI Modernization

Customers demand more from companies these days. We help businesses attract new clients and engage their existing client base by modernizing their current UI/UX.


API Integrations

Our experts support clients with planning and implementing third-party APIs that highly improve system functionality and capacity.


Server-less Modernization

ImpactQA provides legacy application modernization services that help clients modernize their systems without having to transfer data through servers. Remote data transfer is carried out that reduces the occurrence of possible issues via cluster provisioning and operating systems maintenance.


Legacy Migration Process at ImpactQA

ImpactQA deploys a tried-and-tested process for legacy migration solutions. We use best practices to ensure that every solution we provide is accurate and delivered on time.

Comprehensive Requirement Analysis

ImpactQA makes a sincere effort to understand exactly what your requirement is. We run a comprehensive requirement analysis to ensure we provide you with the right solution.

Discovery Phase

Next, our experts provide customer-oriented legacy software modernization services and gather the resources necessary to improve your legacy system condition.

Creating New Platform Architecture

Our team of developers focuses on adding the necessary elements in the right zones, thereby developing a high-quality solution with advanced IT integration.

Support and Maintenance

Our clients can expect consistent maintenance and backup benefits even after the overall legacy modernization and migration process.

Application Migration

This phase of our legacy migration services involves moving the legacy app to the new IT environment and checking for its flexibility and scalability.

Testing the New Platform

Next, we test out the solutions we create in real-time, checking to see the software's functionality and the retention rate of customers.

We Transform Each Legacy System into a Reliable Tech Stack

ImpactQA takes every effort to make sure you get the best legacy application migration services. Every legacy system is transformed into a reliable, secure tech stack that will aid your business. Take a look at the tech we use:

Application Environments

Webform visicalc MS VS VBNet outlook microsoft_access_;logo java foxpro delphi

Development Languages

VS_logo .net lisp delphi-1 C_logo html5

Data Sources



azure dos win98 win_server12 win95 win_logo winNT

Types of Services Related to Legacy Application Migration

ImpactQA provides a wide range of legacy software migration services that enable organisations in the modern era keep up with their competitors. Our leading service solutions cover:

FoxPro Migration

Our team of experts supports complete FoxPro migration, preparing your pre-existing solution for a seamless transfer.

Infrastructure Migration

ImpactQA ’s professional approach towards legacy app modernization services ensures that your entire infrastructure is migrated smoothly and without data loss.

Data Migration

We can prepare the enterprise-level target data for faster loading into the new environment, focusing on referral integrity-related verifications.

Cloud Migration

Our team of experts supports client companies in transporting their entire legacy system and app to the reliable cloud-based environment securely.

UX/UI Migration

We also help transfer UI/UX elements of the solutions to the new environment or system, utilizing top-notch client-side technologies.


ImpactQA updates older systems to new, more robust versions to ensure the delivery of quality legacy migration services . We have a host of modernization services for data, infrastructure, UI/UX, technology, and cloud.

Yes. Our team offers legacy application migration services and modernization services for companies in different industry verticals.

We determine the cost of the legacy modernization services based on factors like the scope of the project, tech stack, existing infrastructure, business goals, and the chosen engagement model. The costs vary from client to client.

Yes, ImpactQA provides support for all the solutions we provide, during and after implementation.