Cybersecurity Testing Solutions to Prevent Security Breaches for Software Apps


The scope of cyberattacks is growing as technology becomes more complicated and linked devices and networks become more common. For your software applications and IT systems to remain completely secure, you should collaborate with a professional cybersecurity testing company that excels at identifying security problems and securing databases, hardware, and connected networks.

ImpactQA portrays itself as a trustworthy and knowledgeable cybersecurity specialist with nearly a decade of expertise in the field. The organization proactively avoids system breaches and closes all possible vulnerabilities for future threats thanks to an expert QA staff skilled in security and cybersecurity testing.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Testing

Shift-Left Approach


Shift-left testing approach help implement security across every phase of the software development journey

Accurate Risk Mitigation

Accurate Risk

A well-planned methodology to address risks together with the use of effective proprietary tools from IBM, HP, and McAfee

Maintain Business Continuity & Reputation

Maintain Business Continuity & Reputation

Ensure app and system security to make them less susceptible, thereby, improving business continuity and the organization’s reputation

Advance Security Measures

Advance Security Measures

Firewalls, data loss protection, and intrusion prevention are some of the logical security solutions deployed by ImpactQA

Safety to Partners & Third Parties

Safety to Partners & Third Parties

Cybersecurity testing solutions to help clients safeguard their own assets along with the assets of their partners firms and third parties

Cybersecurity Testing Methodology


Competency in Cybersecurity Testing

AI-Powered Automated App Testing

End-to-End Security Testing

Comprehensive security testing approach ensuring risk reduction across client-side, server-side, and third-parties

Cloud Automation Testing Services

Adaptive Cybersecurity

Implement Adaptive Security architecture to continually analyze risk and provide proportional enforcement which can be flexibly scaled up and down

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Vulnerability Testing & Assessment

ImpactQA simplifies cyber test automation tools to carry out Dynamic Application Security, Static Application Security, Infrastructure Security, etc

Cybersecurity Testing Service Differentiators

Cybersecurity Testing Service Differentiators

Team of security testing engineers certified in CEH, ECSA, CISA, OSCP, CISSP, and CREST

Ensure Zero Defect Leakage through unit test automation for nullifying the count of defects found during the SDLC

Expert assistance with cybersecurity testing solutions working in parallel with your DevSecOps/Agile teams

Address virus and malware vulnerabilities together with limited online and offline storage options

Threat Modeling to conduct proactive assessment of cyber security threats and further prioritizing mitigation strategy for benefiting client enterprises

Practice “follow the sun” model to cater to global workflow across different time zones

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