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Where there is uncertainty, we see possibilities,
We share basket of hinges on our fair share of experience;
We strive to mirror a progressive company where thriving smiles on our employees is satisfying like never before.

Take a Peek into our “Way of Life”

Humans@ImpactQA, an initiative to showcase the faces behind the success of ImpactQA
Monday mornings in ImpactQA
Birthday celebration on Fridays at ImpactQA

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Our employees matter for us, we celebrate their growth and support them at every step of the professional journey.


We believe in giving our employees an “altruistic space” where they can learn, grow and prosper.

Friday Motivation

We add an element of fun on every Friday of the week to celebrate togetherness, freedom and weekend fun.

How We Explore Our Work - Life Balance?

Learning Mindset

A happy space where all young minds cherish their ideas

Engaging with Openness

We inculcate knowledge from one another to hone our skills

Embracing the Talent

We hunt for talented individuals who excel in their domains

Allow Equal Opportunities

We as Impactians, are united to celebrate togetherness

Offer Healthy Meals

Healthy and yummy lunch served to savour our taste buds

Embrace Team Parties

We enjoy team parties that focus on building healthy relationships