In-House Independent QA Teams

An Expert Software Testing Staff

Taking your software’s stability for granted is a risk most companies cannot afford. QA and software testing have become integral aspects of developing reliable, scalable, enterprise systems. Whether you are facing stern regulatory requirements, continual company growth, or increasing system complexity – the importance of QA and software testing cannot be overstated. One model which we engage in is through providing you an in-house QA team for your organizational needs.

ImpactQA’s internal testing team services provide qualified testing personnel who are well-versed in the nuances of software testing. Our team focuses on recruiting and retaining the finest talent available to support our work. Equipped with years of knowledge and the skills to adapt to an ever changing market, our consultants ensure that our QA strategies directly align with your unique business vertical.

ImpactQA’s in-house QA team services will assist you with:
Dynamic and
Flexible Staffing

Selecting the right project heads, leads and other team members with the right mix of talent and attitude.

Functional Models and
Best Practices

Formation of an effective model for your specific project, with help from the development team.

Rapid Access to Missing
Capabilities and Skills

Prompt training, test documentation, and handover to your in-house teams.

World class
World class QA methodologies

We use world-class testing and QA methodologies, with experience in a number of verticals: application software companies, infrastructure software companies, new media and Internet brands, eCommerce, and more.

ImpactQA’s In-House Independent QA Team is designed to help customers establish and take charge of their own software testing activities.