Our Services

Functional Testing

Our manual and functional testing services are focused on testing the applications against defined specifications and identifying the transparent QA process, seamless integration and robust functionality.

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Test Automation

Our AI-enabled intelligent automation testing services help automate test releases, accelerate time-to-market, reduce cost, maximize test coverage, and deliver outstanding software applications for your business.

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Mobile App Testing

Our Android and iOS testing services help detect application bottlenecks, detect weak spots and identify security issues for offering unbiased testing services on all platforms, browsers and devices.

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Performance Testing

From load testing, volume testing, stress testing, configuration testing, stability testing to scalability testing, ImpactQA delivers the high-end performance testing services for managing software performance

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Security Testing

We offer security assessment, vulnerability scanning to static code analysis, our penetration & vulnerability testing services help secure online transactions

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ERP Testing

Delivering higher value using our AI-driven methodology with advanced accelerators for speeding the test releases and appropriate deployment of ERP systems.

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Cloud App Testing

We simulate real web traffic managed in a cloud computing environment to seamlessly test software apps for heavy workloads, unusual user behavior, and abnormal hacker attacks.

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IoT Testing

End-to-End performance, functional and real-time big data testing accelerated through device simulators & cloud automation framework.

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Serving the Best Across the Globe

ImpactQA is a leading pure-play software testing & quality assurance company. With over a decade of experience, the company has helped enterprises and Fortune 500 companies to embark their digital transformation journey.

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