Functional Testing Services

Comprehensive Functional Testing Services

Functional testing is a crucial step to ensure high-quality software. Commonly referred to as black-box testing, functional testing does not require running tests at the source code level to ensure software quality. Thorough functional testing requires testing software end-to-end from an end user perspective. Being a global leader in functional testing web services USA, the adept team of ImpactQA possesses functional skills on various domains and we use industry standards and processes to execute the tests. This testing technique includes a wide gamut of system features, from the integrity of information from APIs, assessment of the user interface, reviews of security protocols in place, and most importantly, assessing the performance and reliability of the functions of the system.

Why Functional Testing is Significant?
Functional Testing is performed to track how your application is performing with respect to its pre-defined or expected behavior. After the application is functionally tested, mislaid functional behaviors are detected and thus boosted so that business needs of the software are fulfilled.

Major benefits of doing functional testing:

  • Enhancing the final user experience by detecting bugs and omitted flows in the software
  • Comparison of the outcome data of the test cycle with the expected behavior
  • Monitors how two different functionalities in the same application are affecting each-other
  • Checks the functional behavior after integration of each individual component in the application
  • Identify the threats between front end and back end interactions.

ImpactQA- Functional Testing Planning & Process
How we do it?

  • Analysis of Business Requirement & Application Functionalities,
  • Create functional test plan for the modules to be tested
  • Create test data combinations and assemble them during test execution to observe the functional behavior in positive and negative environments
  • Log defect or bugs found during test execution
  • Re-test defects or bugs found after their fixture
  • Perform complete product regression to identify any missed out odd behavior in the application

ImpactQA offers some specialized assistance for functional testing services in USA:

ImpactQA- Functional Testing Services
Our Key Coverage:

  • Excellence in E2E product testing
  • Huge warehouse of the latest device for assuring functionality on Mobile, Web, Desktop Applications
  • Half of our crowd are expert in automated test engineering
  • Transparency in testing procedure varying from Gathering Requirements to Reporting
  • Expert Root Cause Analysis (RCA) team as an addon to block the functional loopholes,
  • Expertise in Functional Test Execution with the use of different bug-tracking tools (e.g., Jira, Trello, Mantis, Bugzilla)
  • Assurance of complete code coverage through gray box & black box testing

Being one of the notable Functional Testing Companies in India, our team provides complete test coverage starting with the business requirements gathering stage. Prior to starting our work, ImpactQA conducts a full-coverage analysis of wide-ranging business scenarios to uncover critical defects within your existing system. Beginning with an assessment of your application’s purposes, we then lay out a clearly defined implementation plan for aligning functional testing objectives.

ImpactQA’s Functional Testing Process

Why choose ImpactQA over others ?
  • CSTE and ISTQB Certified Testers
  • Dedicated testers and Independent QA Teams
  • Over 250 applications tested and certified
  • Strong domain expertise
  • Use of latest use of tools and technologies
  • Combination of Onshore and offshore teams
ImpactQA’s team of Functional Testers will help you verify your expected user functionality aligns with the actual functionality that your enterprise systems are supposed to deliver.