Domain Expertise

Industry-forged Domain Expertise

One of the most important tasks for SQA testers is to understand how your stakeholders actually use your systems. Understanding the customer’s business domain is vital to the success of a testing project; from end-to-end testing activities to complete testing and outsourcing initiatives, as well as QA consultations or audits of established QA processes.

ImpactQA has a wide-range of specialists who have extensive technical background knowledge, as well as extensive business domain expertise that can best match the specifics of a client’s project.

Our domain knowledge assists clients in:
Productivity and
Resource Efficiency

Years of domain knowledge in multiple verticals such as Finance, Telecom, Manufacturing and Logistics allow us to conduct in-depth analysis and formulate pertinent solutions quickly. It’s how we add value to the end-product by ensuring that quality standards are met.

Better Understanding
of Business Processes

Our experienced QA team possesses extensive knowledge in testing multiple vertical back-end operations such as Retail, Media, and Tourism. Such an approach assists in the development and verification of project requirements and ultimately results in greater business value in less time.

Multi-Level Reporting
Both General and Customised

ImpactQA delivers unparalleled reporting for project activities. We provide comprehensive documentation, as well as daily, weekly and monthly status reports. Our approach also offers customised reports for each client’s specific needs, which will assist them in understanding a project at each appropriate user level.

Decreased Expenditure
on Overhead Training

With domain specific knowledge experts on our team and efficient knowledge transfer mechanisms in place, we ensure that our industry experience in the non-profit, government, and education space go to good use in training staff, civic servants, and volunteers.

A Great
User Interface

User Interfaces (UI) are crucial factors for enterprise-level desktop, web, and mobile applications. Our team’s business domain experience working with multiple devices and hardware settings ensure we provide value initial development phases to ensure lower costs during the implementation cycle.

Use ImpactQA’s access to domain-specific specialists to ensure that your software will effectively meet requirements and empower your users intuitively.