An Around-the-Clock, Dedicated Team

Every company engaged in an enterprise software development project requires QA to ensure proficient, timely and cost-effective release cycles. A dedicated QA team committed to your projects allows you to scale your company QA resources with minimal risk. With experts in most major business verticals, we are flexible enough to help grow your internal team from the bottom up.

ImpactQA provides you with:
Customized and
Rapid QA Services

We customize our dedicated teams according to your project needs, providing you with QA experts boasting years of relevant experience in your industry. Our methodology is backed by rapid team deployment, mature project management, and efficient effort allocation.


ImpactQA account managers smoothly integrate dedicated or in-house teams to your project. We allocate tasks and resources where they are most needed so that we are maximizing the efforts of your internal QA capabilities.

Account Manager

Each dedicated team that is deployed comes with an equally dedicated account manager. This individual works with you directly to ensure a smooth transition in mixing your in-house team with our scalable workforce.

QA Professionals

We provide you with a fully-screened list of skilled QA professionals who match your unique business requirements. And because we don’t hire contractors, every ImpactQAer goes through a rigorous hiring process to ensure they’re experts in numerous industry-leading technologies.


ImpactQA has developed a customized transparency protocol to ensure information about your team’s activities and test results is up to date, reliable, clear and easily accessible. There’s no guesswork in your project status.

With ImpactQA’s Dedicated QA Team we provide you enterprise-grade management and transparency to the software development process. We go through intense immersion to become SMEs on your key organizational systems on both a business and technical level.

An ImpactQA Dedicated Team offers:
  • The flexibility to scale down or upgrade teams when needed.
  • Direct access to experienced project leaders and team members.
  • Complete control and regulation of a project via weekly reports and meetings with project managers
  • Thorough security with stringent protocols protecting your data, applications and source code.
ImpactQA’s Dedicated QA Team offers enterprise-grade security, flexibility and scalability to your projects.