Compatibility Testing

Smooth System Integration Services

Compatibility testing ensures your business is running systems that integrate well with other applications, web browsers, hardware platforms, operating systems, and third-party software. ImpactQA uses compatibility testing to ensure interoperability between your business critical systems to identify necessary changes, modifications, or additions required.

We offer Compatibility Testing evaluations for:

Evaluating the performance of a system, application, or website on a certain hardware platform (mainframe computing systems, Legacy IBM, HP, and custom platforms, etc.).


Evaluation of the performance of a system, application, or website on networks with varying parameters such as bandwidth, hardware configurations, and userbases.

Version Upgrades

Evaluation of the performance of a system or application atop an upgraded platform (Redeveloped API layers, different versions of the same browser rendering engine)

Operating System

Evaluation of the performance of system/application in connection with the underlying operating system on which it will be used (Windows, UNIX, MVS, etc.)


Evaluation of the performance of a system, website, or application on specific browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari).


Evaluation of the performance of a system or application in connection with various devices connected directly or via network (Printer, DVD drive, and other peripherals).

Third-Party Applications

Evaluation of the performance of desktop and web solutions, office software, and payment systems that are used as 2nd or 3rd party services for business operations.


Evaluation of performance of an application database in conjunction with 1st party systems(Oracle, Sybase, DB2, etc.) or third party connections via Enterprise middleware.

Cross-Browser Testing

Users have a wide variety of web browsers to choose from, each with different rendering engines that process layout and functional components differently from each other.ImpactQA offers cross-browser testing for most major browsers on the market (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera).

Cross-Browser Testing Services:

  • Consistent, stable cross-browser/platform rendering
  • Simplified website maintenance and updates.
  • Ease of use/viewing for end-users.
Cross-Platform Testing
  • Microsoft: Windows NT & CE, Upgrades from 98 to Windows 8
  • Mac OSX Server and Client Platforms
  • Linux-based: Debian, SlackWare, uBuntu, SuSE, Red Hat, Mandriva, Fedora Core
  • Unix-based: FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD
A Unique Process Advantage:
  • Expert consultations in defining compatibility issues on web and standalone software.
  • Real test environments that run pre-built compatibility test POA.
  • Rapid execution cycles of compatibility tests before product releases.
  • Proprietary testing tools and out-of-the box frameworks for automated scripts.
System compatibility doesn’t happen in isolation. It is achieved by running applications in real environments, ensuring operations while interacting with various hardware, operating system, and browser versions hold true under pressure.