Top 10 Automation Testing Tools For 2019

According to the World Quality Report 2018–19 the low level of automation of test activities has turned out to be a critical bottleneck in the further evolution of Quality Assurance & testing. Making use of suitable test automation tools at the right time is crucial to deliver a high- quality product at a fast pace. These tools ensure that the advantages of automation are delivered to the fullest. Automation testing tools are a crucial part of the software development process.

With a variety of open source and commercial test automation tools, selecting the best automation testing tool can become an arduous task. Here is a curated list of best-automated testing tools –these automation testing tools included in this list are selected from three major criteria:

  • Popularity and maturity
  • Supporting API & services testing
  • Offering some Artificial Learning and Analytics Capabilities


  • Topping the list, Selenium is an outstanding automated software testing tool for testing web applications that is accessible today in the market
  • It automates across multiple browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc. and enables users to sail through several browser-specific testing purposes. The test script can be easily written in programming languages such as Python, Java, Ruby, C#, PHP, JavaScript and Perl
  • Companies prefer Selenium this automation testing tool as the best one that can be integrated with automated testing frameworks and is compatible with various programming languages.

2. TestComplete

  • It is a SmartBearproduct, an extraordinary test automation tool for mobile, web, and desktop testing. TestComplete is an open test platform that can also be integrated effortlessly with other products contributed by SmartBear
  • TestComplete can also help you create robust, reusable, and automated tests across the web, desktop, mobile, and many devices effectively and easily
  • Silverlight apps can also be tested using TestComplete. It allows testers to create automated tests for iOS, Web, Microsoft Windows, and Android apps.
  • This amazing test automation tool can perform parallel regression testing with automation builds & create steady regression tests

3.Katalon Studio

  • This is an incredible test automation solution for a mobile, web application and web services. Being built on top of the Appium and Selenium frameworks, this tool takes benefits of these solutions for integrated software automation
  • Katalon Studio tool supports various levels of testing skill set. Even Non-programmers can also find it trouble-free to start the test automation project (such as using Object Spy to record testing scripts) while programmers and advanced testers can save time from building new libraries and managing their scripts
  • Katalon Studio can be incorporated into CI/CD processes and performs well with well-admired software testing tools in the QA process counting JIRA, qTest, Git, and Jenkins.
  • Additional features like Katalon Analytics can provide users the comprehensive status of test execution reports through dashboard comprising graphs, metrics, and charts

4.Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

  • UFT is a famous commercial test automation tool for Functional Testing
  • It gives a comprehensive feature set for web services, API, and GUI testing of web, desktop, and mobile apps across varied platforms
  • The is an amazing tool and it has improved reusable test components, image-based object recognition feature, and automated documentation
  • Unified Functional Testing uses Visual Basic Scripting Edition to register automation testing processes and object control. It is integrated with Mercury Quality Center and Mercury Business Process Testing. UFT tool also supports CI thorugh integration with CI tools like Jenkins


  • SoapUI is a web service testing tool for Representational State Transfers (REST) & Service-Oriented Architectures(SOA)
  • This automation testing tool is an open source that allows automated functional testing, automated load testing, and compliance testing.
    SoapUI additionally comprises mocking and simulation traits together with web service research
  • It isn’t an automation tool for Web or mobile app testing; however, it can be a great tool to test API & services
  • SoapUI is a headless functional testing tool perfectly designed for API testing. API automation testers can use either the pro edition or open source. The pro version has a user-friendly interface as well as various advanced features like form editor, assertion wizard, and SQL query builder


  • This is a famous open source BDD (Behavior Driven Development) tool. Cucumber supports languages such as Java, Ruby, Groovy, Scala, etc
  • Drafting automation test scripts is a joint effort of the developer, testers, and customers. Cucumber supports only the web environment. Test code is written in easy English called Gherkin. Cucumber code can be executed on several test automation frameworks such as Selenium, Ruby, etc

7. IBM Rational Functional Tester

  • It is commercial automated testing tool from IBM. It supports extensive ranges of development environments such as Flex, PowerBuilder, Siebel, SAP, Java, Dojo, and Net amongst others.
  • RFT supports two scripting language VB.Net and Java. Rational Functional Tester (RFT) tool supports regression testing, functional testing, & Data-driven testing.
  • RFT’s other crucial feature is its integration with IBM Jazz apps lifecycle management systems like Rational Quality Manager and IBM Rational Team Concert

8. Tricentis Tosca

  • Tricentis Tosca is a model-based automated testing tool that provides a comprehensive feature set for continuous test comprising analytics, dashboards, and integrations to support DevOps and Agile methodologies.
  • Tricentis Toscaa assists users to optimize the reusability of test assets. Like several other automation testing tools, this test automation tool supports an extensive range of technologies and apps like API, web, and mobile
  • This test automation tool also has exclusive features for risk analysis, integration management, and distributed execution

9. Postman

  • This amazing tool is another automation tool perfectly designed for API testing. Users can install this tool as a browser extension or a desktop app on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Postman is one of the priorities not only among testers for API test automation but also software developers who use the tool to develop and test APIs.

10. Ranorex

  • Ranorex is an incredible commercial automation tool for desktop, web, and mobile testing. This popular tool features advanced traits for GUI recognition, record/ playback, and reusable test scripts.
  • Codeless test creation is one such beneficial feature of this automation tool that allows new testers to learn and apply automation testing to their projects.
  • This advanced automation testing tool also supports Selenium integration for web app tests. Testers can distribute the execution of their automation tests across browsers and platforms using Selenium Grid. Ranorex offers a low-pricing model for enterprises.

The automated tests tools listed above will slash the time spent and further support companies by saving loads of resources. Your choice of automated testing tools should not only meet your current requirements but should also focus on potential trends. With these significant automation testing tools, the enterprises can ensure that all the products delivered are free of any bug and glitches.

You cannot find any real-world software 100% free of flaws or bugs. The best approach is to thoroughly test the software and fix it whenever found. You need an expert and adept software QA testing team you can trust to do that. We at ImpactQA are that team. Contact us; we will be glad to help you.

Best tools for Website Accessibility Testing in 2019

Most Websites have some kind of accessibility barrier that makes it complicated for an individual with a disability to use their site. Accessibility Testing means to ensure that your website is accessible for people with disabilities including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological. It is a part of usability testing.

Accessibility Testing Stats
Accessibility Testing Stats

The use of accessibility testing tools depends on the site’s budget and requirements among many other factors.

Disabilities that Affect Web Browsing
Disabilities that Affect Web Browsing

Here, we have compiled the list of best manual & automated accessibility testing tools for website accessibility testing in 2019:

1. AChecker

  • ‘AChecker’ is a holistic testing tool used to assess the HTML content for a single web page.
  • You can test your web pages by uploading an HTML file, entering the URL, or by pasting the source code straight into the tool.
  • Official Link: Achecker

2. CKEditor 4 Accessibility Checker

  • This amazing tool helps to scrutinize the accessibility of the created content to the users. CKEditor 4 Accessibility Checker helps you resolve any flaws and ensures compliance with Section 5.08 and WCAG 2.0 requirements.
  • The tool has a simple user interface & ensures access to the content without any difficulties.
  • This is an award-winning platform has been getting good user reviews across the globe.
  • Official Link: Accessibility Checker by CKSource

3. Color Oracle

  • It is a free app that simulates several forms of colorblindness by adding a full-screen filter through your OS (yes, it works with Mac OS, Linux, and Windows).
  • There is a filter option set to more severe forms of color blindness: protanopia, deuteranopia, and tritanopia.
  • Official Link: Color Oracle


  • It is a community-built free tool designed to facilitate web accessibility testing by offering developers with a visual representation of problems directly on their page.
  • This browser-based tool assesses a load of issues, ranging from color contrast to ARIA attributes, and is based on compliance standards from both Section 508 and WCAG.
  • Official Link: WAVE

5. JAWS (Job Access with Speech)

  • It is the most popular Screen Reader tool for customers who have lost their vision. Some of the JAWS’s good features comprise two multi-lingual synthesizers Viz. Vocalizer Expressive and Eloquence.
  • Works with Microsoft Office, IE, and Firefox and also supports Windows with its touch screen gesture.
  • Official Link: JAWS

6. Dynomapper

  • Dynomapper is Visual Sitemap Generator of 4 types Circle, Tree, Folder, and Default. It evaluates HTML contents of the site and can generate a sitemap from any URL.
  • It imports XML files to generate the sitemap. It also provides content audit and inventory for filtering pages, images, files, etc.
  • Official Link: Dynomapper

7. Bureau of Internet Accessibility

  • BoIA (The Bureau of Internet Accessibility) has been set up to make the web as user-friendly as possible. The platform has been serving the business houses to resolve their accessibility issues for long.
  • It has a simple to understand interface and ensure that the mobile and web accessibility efforts are successful and meaningful for the user.
  • Official Link: Bureau of Internet Accessibility

8. Automated Accessibility Testing Tool

  • There is no longer a necessity to test, develop, and use an accessibility test suite for your site. Utilize PayPal’s Automated Accessibility Testing Tool to accumulate accessibility testing into the testing practice.
  • The tool is famous for testing web apps regarding conformance to the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines2).0 with accuracy and ease.
  • Official Link: Automated Accessibility Testing Tool

9. aXe: The Accessibility Engine

  • Like WAVE, aXe has extensions for Firefox & Chrome; however, the aXe extensions are more developer-focused. The aXe extension is a really an incredible tool for developers. When you run the report on a page, you get a list of all flaws.
  • It works on all modern browsers and supports, static fixtures, in-memory fixtures integration tests and iframes of infinite depth. It is designed to work with whatever libraries, frameworks, environments & tools you have today.
  • Official Link: aXe: The Accessibility Engine

Following accessibility testing tools improves the overall usability of the software, which helps to make your app disabled-friendly. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries.