Current Openings

Non-Functional Test Engineer (Performance Testing)

Key Responsibilities

We expect you to have the following traits and skills that are critical to the success of
this role.

  • Set up the framework architecture for Performance, Load, Stress and Security
    testing, get reviews and approvals from the Stakeholders
  • Embed non-functional testing requirements in the SDLC process
  • Work with the team to find out critical areas and bottlenecks for performance
    testing, and propose solutions
  • Define best practices to be followed for non-functional testing
  • Create and execute test strategy and plan for Load, Performance, Stress and
    other non-functional testing
  • Write test scripts for Load, Stress and performance testing
  • Monitor application logs to determine system behavior
  • Conduct training sessions with the Quality Engineering Team on non-functional
    testing and bring them onboard to support with performance testing
Experience and Skill Set Required
  • 6+ years of Software Testing experience
  • Proficiency with load and performance testing tools in Python (e.g Locust)
  • Proficiency with a Python library to create API requests for the load test scripts
  • Proficient in debugging applications and familiarity with logging tools
    like Kibana to observe logs of Python applications
  • Familiarity with measuring metrics like latency, number of requests and errors
    with tools like Prometheus
  • Proficient in OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and how to test them on API and
    Front-end Applications
  • Experience with Penetration Testing with industry tools like Burp Suite
  • Strong communication skills to be able to present load testing findings to other
    engineers and the wider audience

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