Bug Tracking

Efficient Bug Tracking Implementation

Issue tracking management is a crucial component for monitoring and managing bug fixes. The process provides a single defect management point where customers can store information about software defects, generating bug reports and monitoring project quality.

At Impact QA we assist you in choosing the most suitable Issue-Tracking Database Management system in accordance to your requirements. We analyze the current situation and development of recommendations, system installation and configuration.

Impact QA will also oversee documentation of the bug-tracking process and time allocation required for employee training, prior to endorsing a solution.

Our team oversees implementation for issue-tracking solutions by:
  • Offering support for the installed solution on the customer’s physical premises.
  • Creating hosted environments and providing access on demand.
  • Providing a SaaS model for a system that is deployed on a third-party site (clients are billed monthly).
Impact QA Bug Tracking solutions will simplify your workflow so you can you keep track of your project development with ease.