Top 9 Automation Testing Companies in USA 2021

Top 9 Automation Testing Companies in USA 2021

The evolution of technology and its transformation on the grounds of automation is commendable. This technological change has benefitted software developers and testers, thereby reducing the human effort to a great extent. Automation has acquired its importance in almost every industry, be it healthcare automation, automobiles, or retail. Currently, close to 90% of software testing companies are dependent on automation testing services to deliver the required results expediently.  This has bolstered the demand for automation testing companies that can fulfil automation needs for various industries. 


What are the benefits of QA automated processes?

  • The companies offering automation testing services allow you to sit back and relax whilst they make sure that your software is ready to launch
  • They provide you with many advantages that were unfathomable during the manual testing days. The reports are more exhaustive and bug fixes are conducted in a swift manner
  • Furthermore, automation testing companies offer retests to eliminate system discrepancies at the earliest
  • Automation testing is much faster than manual testing and reduces your software’s time-to-market


All these factors make automation testing a beneficial testing service in the software industry. Selection of an efficient automation testing provider is a tough task which should be done after smart analysis. However, for your comfort we have prepared a list of top automation testing companies in the USA in 2021 that can surely prove advantageous for your organization:


1. ImpactQA

ImpactQA Logo




Headquarters: USA
Hourly Rate: $25 – $49/hr
Software Testing Services: Test Automation, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Mobile App Testing, DevOps Testing, QA Consulting, QA Outsourcing, Full-cycle QA Testing Services, Cloud Testing, DevOps Testing

ImpactQA is one of the most prominent software testing companies in the world. In the past decade, ImpactQA has established themselves firmly in this domain. ImpactQA has provided automation testing services to many different industries such as Healthcare, E-learning, E-commerce, BFSI, Media, Logistics, Medical Device Testing, Real Estate, and more. 

This experience of dealing with different companies of different sizes and domains has provided them with the know-how to deal with almost anything out there. They offer a plethora of services which include functional test automation, web application automation testing, QA automation services, mobile test automation, automated regression testing, cloud test automation, and web test automation. But this New York-based company’s greatest strengths are its IP-driven tools and a custom test automation framework that permits cross-platform application testing for both web and mobile applications. 


2. Credible Soft

ImpactQA - Credible Soft Logo




Headquarters: India
Hourly Rate: $25 – $49/hr
Software Testing Services: Agile Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, QA Outsourcing


Credible Soft is a company with a remarkable work culture, brilliant testing strategies, and highly talented team members. Their core areas of expertise are expert software testing, test automation, and quality assurance. They have recently started incorporating new strategies that involve SaaS-based application testing, automation testing, and quality control. CredibleSoft has quickly adapted to this shifting technology landscape to become one of the recognizable faces in the automation testing market. Their automation testing expertise includes web testing automation, mobile testing automation, and API testing automation.


3. Testbytes



Headquarters: USA
Hourly Rate: $25 – $49/hr
Software Testing Services: Software Performance Testing, Web Application Testing, Functionality Testing, Mobile App Testing


Testbytes is one of the best software testing companies out there. Founded in 2011, Testbytes keeps its onus on delivering a high standard of services and customer satisfaction. Testbytes creates a custom automation testing schedule. This helps them to provide quick feedback on weak spots and share ideas for software improvement. Thus, allowing their clients to collect meaningful data for the development team, accelerate software updates, and fast-track product releases. They offer a wide array of QA automation testing services such as functional testing, smoke tests, sanity tests, integration testing, API testing, web test automation, compatibility testing, mobile & desktop cross-browser tests.


4. Accenture

ImpactQA - Accenture logo




Headquarters: Ireland
Hourly Rate: $100 – $149/hr
Software Testing Services: Full-Cycle Functional Testing, Automation Testing, Cloud Testing, QA Outsourcing


Accenture is a Fortune 500 company that offers a multitude of services that include consulting, digital, technology and web test automation services. They provide highly flexible solutions that are easy to maintain, this includes adding or removing modules to automatically test any application or API, whether desktop or mobile. They constantly keep evolving to provide cutting-edge automation testing services. Their team has many years of experience with all the industry-standard technologies and frameworks.


5. Sciencesoft

ImpactQA - ScienceSoft Logo




Headquarters: USA
Hourly Rate: Starts $45/hr
Software Testing Services: QA Outsourcing, QA Consulting, Managed Testing, Performance Testing, Usability Testing


Sciencesoft is an industry giant that has been in the domain of IT consultation for more than three decades. Their automation testing services include the 360 degree test cycle which includes test automation planning and tool selection to the construction and maintenance of a test automation environment. Their dedicated test automation engineers are well versed with all the best automation testing tools available in the market. Sciencesoft empowers businesses with these tools, enabling them to accelerate time-to-market by finding more defects before production. 


6. Infosys




Headquarters: India
Hourly Rate: Starts $25/hr
Software Testing Services: DevOps Testing, Big Data Testing, Cloud Testing, Automation Testing


With nearly four decades of experience in managing the systems and workings of global enterprises, Infosys are one of the top automation testing companies in the world. By keeping their practices in line with the test automation pyramid they automate a large number of unit tests, some acceptance level tests, and a few, critical GUI/ end-to-end tests they guarantee to obtain the highest ROI with test automation. They equip businesses with agile digital solutions which enable them to deliver unprecedented levels of performance and customer delight. They use inventive techniques that unite the power of best QA automation testing services,  industry-standard tools, and sophisticated reporting.


7. IBM


ImpactQA - IBM Logo




Headquarters: USA
Hourly Rate: $50 – $99/hr
Software Testing Services: Full-cycle Functional Testing, Managed Testing, Application Testing, API Testing


International Business Machines(IBM) is a global technology and consulting enterprise with its headquarters in New York. IBM boasts of more than 300,000 employees serving clients all over the world. They have several experts that have spent years learning the art of Automation Testing through rigorous practice. They follow excessive assertive protocols of Automation testing services to ensure bug-free test results. They take into account the latest methodologies during automation testing. Connections, GUI items, forms, validations of fields are all a part of what they test as an automation testing company.


8. Sogeti

ImpactQA - Sogeti




Headquarters: USA
Hourly Rate: $50 – $99/hr
Software Testing Services: Digital Assurance and Testing, Cloud Testing, Security Testing, Automation Testing


Sogeti works closely with their client’s development and quality teams to achieve an ideal cost/benefit balance in implementing test automation which makes them one of the top automation testing companies. Their test engineers have decades of experience developing and using cutting edge test automation tools, leveraging them to help their clients leapfrog the competition. Using this experience, they’ve mapped out the best areas that lend themselves to automation testing and have worked with countless clients to ensure the software development life cycle is not elongated by undue manual testing. Sogeti’s prowess allows them to determine which tests to automate and which tests to run manually, making the entire testing process seamless.




ImpactQA - UTOR Logo





Headquarters: Ukraine
Hourly Rate: $25 – $49/hr
Software Testing Services: Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Functional Testing


UTOR is the best Test automation agency in Eastern Europe, who offer excellent QA services for almost two decades. Their testing engineers are certified with ISTQB and have acquired an in-depth knowledge of various testing methodologies. They have completed hundreds of while maintaining a sleek and productive testing mechanism. They choose the latest testing tools for automation to ensure the smoothest QA experience and get the most out of the testing process. They have the power to implement automated tests into your delivery system, thus improving the software development mechanism even more. They polish their projects attentively, with much care and caution, executing all types of testing you can only imagine at the highest possible quality. 


To Conclude:

Automation testing is very essential for any company that wants to stay relevant in the current market. Automation testing ameliorates your scalability and security. Automation testing can be equated to engine oil for cars, it allows your company to function smoothly. Just like a mechanic would suggest that you should get your oil changed frequently, we suggest that you choose an automation testing plan and stick to it for the smooth functioning of your enterprise.

Software testing companies in the market provide a plethora of software testing services, you can choose the most relevant service that fulfils your organization’s needs. This thoroughly researched list will guide you to the top automation testing companies in the automation testing industry. 



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