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Micro Focus ALM & its Benefits to an Enterprise

For technology users spread across the globe, the need for interesting applications at a faster delivery rate is the primary concern. In addition, a stern focus on software functionality and high-end quality are other aspects that are commonly prioritized. The usefulness of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) towards business management is the trending topic that has caught the eye of all major technology giants.

How is ALM effective? It helps to uphold the processing of a particular software application from its requirement stage to its development, testing and deployment with simultaneous improvements in software quality. Furthermore, ALM is different from SDLC, since it is beneficial when it comes to on-time releases. It primarily concentrates on the entire software lifecycle merged with automation testing service workflows.

Micro Focus ALM software is regarded as a powerful tool that operates as a sole repository to benefit application teams in planning, structuring and accelerating the delivery of trustworthy applications. The striking benefit of Micro Focus ALM is its innovative approach that enhances customer satisfaction. Moreover, this management tool offers additional visibility to your teams during the entire application lifecycle.

  • Project Preparation & Tracking: While dealing with the delivery of predictable applications, we require the utmost knowledge about goals and progress. ALM offers the ability to carefully prepare and track steps for better results. Your teams are enabled to define, evaluate, track and report project highlights and performance indicators. In addition, project managers and quality assurance (QA) managers are able to conveniently organize the project structure and milestones depending on the type of task managed at that particular time.
  • ALI System: ALI or Application Lifecycle Intelligence is seen as an action-centric decision support system primarily concerned with the delivery of modern applications. This system helps in providing real-time acumen about the working status of experts as well as the projects to which they are assigned. ALI also impacts decision making through the delivery of useful insights into the efficient management of resources. It further highlights project priorities and examines whether or not they are in sync with the stated release schemes.
  • Cross-Project Reporting: For carrying out informed release decisions for your business, it is essential to maintain a comprehensive vision and give a deeper look into individual projects. Micro Focus ALM provides the assistance of cross-project reporting for conveniently creating reports like application quality metrics, collective project status metrics, and requirements coverage. Also, you can prepare a report on defect trends covering both enterprise release and separate project view.
  • Access to Live Network: Micro Focus maintains its list of offerings quite attractive and it is can be validated through its delivery of added software content, drivers, best practices, and data using the Live Network. Users can acquire this content through the internet with the help of a personalized permit or ID.


  • Better visibility by leveraging the efforts to share test requirements across projects. This includes generating reports across diverse projects within your enterprise.
  • ALM consultancy service permits you to stay aware of the whereabouts of testing assets in real-time. You can centralize the management and further control testing projects from a central location.
  • This management tool works to increase testing capacity through the delivery of 24×7 global access to multiple testing assets via a web-based interface.
  • ALM allows you to standardize the testing process by implementing a testing practice involving common resources and reliable procedures.
  • Achieve steady quality across different enterprise applications through the usage of same tools, common practices, and skill set.
  • Linking requirements associated to imported business process representation.
  • It is loaded with a fine text editor that offers a similar experience like Microsoft Word without actually exiting the ALM system.
  • Convenience to view requirements coverage both at the project level and release level.
  • ALM offers a document-oriented viewing mode that gives you access to a single view for checking the list of requirements.
  • The power to trace contact between process paths, requirements, test coverage, and defects
  • Connection of requirements with other requirements, upstream business procedures, etc.

Micro Focus ALM has achieved quite a name for itself in the software testing & QA industry. The benefit of this efficient system and its authority to simplify software application lifecycle is at present acknowledged by many technology enterprises. To learn more about its benefits to your business you can connect with experts at any of the top software testing companies like ImpactQA.

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