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ImpactQA & its Association with Global E-Learning Providers during COVID-19 Pandemic

The world is facing a global lockdown, and the majority of the nations are quarantined to ward off the COVID-19 virus scare. It wouldn’t be wrong to call several renowned cities as phantom cities where schools, universities, and colleges are shut down. The education sector is forced to adapt to newer ways. E-learning or online teaching has taken over as the only smart option to educate the population. Although this crisis has brought numerous restrictions, accepting technology for betterment is one of the positives we cannot ignore.

This catastrophe highlights how pedagogy is now associated with online teaching. Every day there are some or the other lucrative aspects to e-learning that are being deployed to impart better knowledge to the students. There is no certainty about the complete eradication of the COVID-19 virus; therefore, global institutions are shifting to online pedagogical schemes involving advanced technological arrangements.

The emergence of various e-learning platforms controlled by registered schools, universities, or private educational organizations has risen in number in the past five to six months. Interestingly. the e-learning market across the United States of America is likely to grow by USD 21.64 billion during 2020-2024. These augmented statistics relating to the e-learning market are a result of newer opportunities created during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 “Online Teaching Is Not an Option, It Has Become a Necessity”

Before launching such online teaching platforms, it is necessary to cross-check their performance and operational aspects. ImpactQA, a renowned name from the software testing & QA industry, has pushed its service offerings to lend a helping hand to various e-learning providers. The company is already linked to several international e-learning brands to take care of their software testing needs during this pandemic.


ImpactQA - E-Learning AppsCollaborative Union with E-Learning Providers

At present, many universities across the globe have shifted to digitalized operations. They have realized the grim situation and have taken steps that maintain the flow of knowledge. For the successful access to e-learning software, it is necessary to develop them as full-proof and safe from cyber-attacks. The role of software testing professionals like at ImpactQA can take charge of performance and security assessment together with quality assurance. This software testing provider has decade old experience to carry out quick review functionalities to help e-learning providers launch quality software without much delay.

Quite recently, ImpactQA has partnered with a popular e-learning provider from the U.S. Providing virtual classrooms, and online lessons are the primary motto of the e-learning provider, which requires technical supervision for spotting potential flaws and bugs. ImpactQA being a responsible software testing service, has been screening its application features to make them faultless. This is a significant milestone for the company that has further opened a gateway to more collaborations with e-learning enterprises soon.

ImpactQA’s Approach to Improve E-Learning Apps 

Since ImpactQA is already linked with a few e-learning app providers, it has planned to solidify its service offerings. This well-intended approach is part of a bigger plan expected to broaden ImpactQA’s reach to cater to e-learning leaders and start-ups alike. Below mentioned are a few improved methods adopted by ImpactQA to help e-learning software makers function efficiently during the COVID-19 scare:  

Incorporate a Set Count of Review Cycles

Based on the project, you might have to include many or fewer review cycles. Such things need to be confident at the start of the project since additional review cycles result in added production time. For e-learning apps, you can set a fixed count of review cycles together with a set timeline. It helps to maintain the flow of the project without causing any unwanted hindrance.

ImpactQA - E-Learning Providers during COVIDSpecify Feedback for Every Review Cycle

At every stage of the development process, different aspects are reviewed and given importance. It is essential to provide guidelines about the kind of feedback you are seeking in each review cycle. For instance, if the team is examining a potential bug, the input needs to be about the source, impact, correction, and improvements. Furthermore, the feedback should also focus on the design and production time.

Time-Based Delivery

Since e-learning apps are required more than ever during this pandemic, the launch of newer software should speed up. ImpactQA ensures quick testing operations to make sure the client isn’t forced to shift the launch date for its e-learning app.

Currently, EdTech start-ups are knocking on the right opportunities to provide cost-free online courses to global students during this COVID-19 scare. In fact, UNESCO also recommended that EdTech Start-ups along with established learning apps should step up their offerings to help students. Software testing is essential for maintaining application quality and timely delivery. ImpactQA’s reputation as a potential software testing company has bolstered with its newest collaborations with U.S- based e-learning providers. The organization is hopeful to assist more EdTech companies in the coming years through its modern testing assistance. 


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ImpactQA & Its Technology Contribution to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 will soon be completing a year of its existence. Time has not been a healer and the situation has grown complex, especially in nations with greater population density. The fight with COVID-19 has transformed over the months. Technology has been the frontrunner in this fight, acting as one of the few better aspects during this pandemic.

Several tech giants have joined hands to launch voluntary smartphone apps that are capable of issuing alerts and giving detailed knowledge about infected locations. According to researchers and public health officials, these widely advertised initiatives towards privacy-friendly, smartphone apps have not actually impacted the virus or its spread. Even after Silicon Valley competitors Apple and Google have been slogging hard to make the technology work across a broad array of smartphones. Till date, this partnership has led to the launch of apps across 14 countries; results are bleak but the fire of hope prevails!

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”- Abraham Lincoln

ImpactQA, a popular name in the field of software testing has associated itself with technology aimed at combating the novel coronavirus. Apart from its contributions to test contact tracing mobile apps, this software testing genius has joined hands with a promising U.S-based initiative. The concept behind this program is the effective use of Bluetooth technology to transmit alert notifications to active app users. One of the major advantages of this technology is upgraded data privacy. To simplify, your information is never passed onto any central database controlled by the govt. authority or any private organization. ImpactQA has offered its help to carry out testing activities for this initiative; with a view to spotting potential system concerns.

Fulfilling Automation Needs in Medical Sector

With its decade-old expertise in the field of software testing and QA consultancy, ImpactQA has built a reputation which connects to the global audience. Quite recently, the organization stepped up its service reach to lend a helping hand to one of the renowned names from the U.S medical fraternity. ImpactQA took charge of automation testing service requirements for the company that was handled under a definite time bracket. This was a conscious decision supported with a sense of responsibility to back the medical sector in this cruel and hectic phase.

Over the years, the primary channels for app sales have turned flexible. This has led to serious opportunities for independent app development companies to showcase their efforts in a better way. According to the FDA, the approx. the number of medical app users around the world has increased; the count was recorded at 1.7 billion in 2018. With COVID-19 forcing a deeper stab into the hearts of the global population, the usefulness of medical apps for tracking and detecting health issues has become imperative. ImpactQA has been trying to act at an extensive scale and deliver its software testing skills to work on various medical devices put in place to fight COVID-19.

Futuristic Goals

The public health authorities at the worldwide level are currently struggling to build specific apps that can help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Contact tracing using Bluetooth and other modes need a better visionary approach from tech biggies like Apple. The role of software testing companies like ImpactQA would be valuable in improving software quality. In the near future, ImpactQA plans to take a bigger leap with its security and performance testing approach, thereby, benefitting COVID-centric apps. There are reports of active collaborations with medical app providers which might prove fruitful for the software testing company to battle the novel coronavirus.

We cannot run away from the current scenario and it is through better efforts we might abolish this virus scare. Until then, companies like ImpactQA need to come forward and pave a better path for technology to run its course.

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How Remote Work Impacts DevOps & Development?

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the global order and remote work is gradually becoming the new normal. The option for work from home has been implemented by many organizations, thereby, posing difficulties in certain industries.

Although the lockdown restrictions have started to ease up, several companies have maintained their policy of work from home on both full- time and part-time basis. For instance, you can easily check out big companies like Amazon and Facebook which have clearly announced that their employees won’t be resuming offices by the end of 2020.

There are even cases where certain enterprises are even discussing permanent guidelines associated with work from home. Twitter is a fine example, as the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, released an extraordinary statement addressing his employees to maintain the process of working from home “forever.” This permanent remote-work policy deployed by the Twitter CEO was an eye-opener for many giant firms that surely made them rethink about their employee safety measures during the ongoing COVID-19 scare.

Technology has proven effective in permitting remote work to operate in a smooth and productive manner. Maintenance of a collaborative environment even from home is all thanks to technology but we cannot ignore the impact it has caused to the software testing & QA sector. DevOps and the functions of development teams have been facing new challenges related to working processes and deliveries. This write-up is aimed at elaborating the impact of remote work on DevOps services and development activities.


ImpactQA - Remote Working & DevOps


Scope of DevOps during Remote Work

Considering the primary challenges posed on DevOps, the related teams have to look for solutions to maintain a mutual work order that streamlines interactions between DevOps service providers and clients.

With virtual engagement gaining prominence during this pandemic, the customers are eventually going to request for more services and features. This will directly provide an opportunity for developers to launch new software at a faster rate. Furthermore, with improvements in the development cycles, there would be increased traction to spot security vulnerabilities as part of the production process.

It is believed that as remote work extends in the coming months, organizations will need to clinch onto DevSecOps tools merged with agile techniques to upkeep the pace of software development.

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DevOps & Cloud-Native Operations

Over the years, many software testing companies have already understood the potential of DevOps with a view to extracting high-performance benefits. For the ones trying to make a mark with DevOps initiatives, there is the latest trend that has emerged due to the popularity of remote work.

You can call it an upgrade to the DevOps initiatives that companies are now focusing more on cloud-native programs permanently. This is all part of the shifting work culture that even established software development organizations have to remodel their DevOps goals.

For companies that had already become cloud-native a few years back, it is the perfect time for them to start adapting to the new version of cloud-native DevOps. It is vital to specify that the availability of cloud and SaaS operations are marked as a remedy for employees to maintain normal work activities from home. On a broader front, any organization can redefine and redevelop its DevOps & Development strategies with cloud-native facilitating business activities.

Impact on Firmware

Talking about new influences in the DevOps arena, there has been a serious change in firmware as well. There have been specified challenges with firmware during this ongoing pandemic since both hardware and software are involved. With remote work policy, the act of processing DevOps along with continuous integration (CI)/continuous delivery (CD) for a particular firmware developer has majorly transformed.


ImpactQA - Remote Work & Software Development Operations


Typically, the firmware is all about associating an integration environment onto hardware components. This operation is carried out in the presence of the whole team where the devices are passed on and the developer can incorporate the firmware onto the device. However, in these challenging circumstances, the firmware developer now takes the device home.

DevOps processes have been hampered during remote work. For instance, the act of automating the whole process of fixing the firmware onto a hardware device requires an upgraded approach. QA experts and beta testers are now required to carry out operations with updated firmware which is already equipped with the latest features and bug fixes.

The extent of COVID-19 scare is still uncertain and hence, software testing organizations need to scale up their DevOps offerings. With due observation, not only DevOps but other software testing segments such as test automation and security testing services have also undergone serious changes in the past few months. The availability of efficient software testing companies like ImpactQA has proven advantageous since they have assisted tech organizations to smartly adapt to new ways.


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