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Software bugs are quite expensive. Companies embarking on a software project need to implement an effective and comprehensive testing strategy to avoid setbacks. Fortunately, quality assurance for the products has become an effective approach for avoiding bugs and defects. Adequate testing ensures key applications maintain functionality even after necessary maintenance, new developments, and necessary software upgrades. ImpactQA is a leader in providing comprehensive automation testing services backed by a large pool of test automation experts and a decade of experience in executing test automation activities for global clients.

Our QA automation testing approach utilizes a superior testing strategy that, within days, starts to improve the software quality and reduces the development time. Our Automation Testing Accelerator Kit comprises pre-built automation testing scripts, utilities, methodologies, strategies, and frameworks. ImpactQA’s automation testing methodology and framework conditioned to help customers exploit best practices, make optimum use of resources and the finest tools to strategize test automation. Our automation specialists have experience and expertise in delivering evergreen and tester friendly automation solutions for performance testing, functional testing, and unit testing, using both open-source and commercial test automation tools.


Why Automation Testing?

Implementing a robust test automation solution is no mean task and proves challenging for loads of companies – our highly skilled and dynamic testing team is amongst the top in automation testing services. With the holistic approach on your business, we deliberately design test automation processes, create QA automation framework, set up robust automated scripts, and run Selenium & Mobile Apps automated test scripts for trustworthy and consistent coverage overall.

  • Manual Processes Are Error-Prone
  • Manual Testing Takes Too Long
  • Reduces testing cycle time (regression, integration, and smoke)
  • Reduces the rejection of defect fixes
  • Automation Frees People to Do Their Best Work
  • Improves Test Coverage
  • Automation Testing Gives Feedback, Early, and Often
  • Ensure end to end product testing
  • Reduces risk on quality due to dependence on resources
  • Improve time to market
  • ROI and Payback
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Time - Tested Automation Strategy

ImpactQA’s test automation strategy allows organizations to reduce time to market, ensure the product’s stability, increase release velocity, and decrease overall testing effort resulting in a significant ROI. Automation testing strategies are perfectly designed to cover up key business scenarios for your business applications. We guarantee your software development process is smooth and uninterrupted by modifications. We perform so by using automation strategies on your mobile and web applications.

Crucial services include:

  • Automation evaluation, advisory & transformation Services
  • Feasibility of Test Automation Tool
  • Development of the Automation Framework
  • Development of Automation Test Suite & Maintenance
  • Tailored Test Harness Development


Test Automation Methodology

From automating regression sets to designing new test cases & implementing test automation scripts for instant results, we ensure the effectiveness & quality of the complete process. Our automation testing experts execute automated test suites with a focus on long-run utilization of the test suites. Essential Agile-based test automation activities comprise:

  • Small & independent tests to lesser maintenance
  • Loose coupling of data & tests
  • Review frequently to make sure test suites are “green”
  • Scrutinize chances for the in-sprint and delayed automation
  • Supporting execution of multiple regression testing during every sprint
  • Maintenance of an automation backlog & prioritize business test cases


Automation Testing Approach

Recognized as a leading automation testing company, we deliver superior testing services for various applications & software test automation projects. We offer a wide option of technical approaches to attain test automation targets for different types of applications. ImpactQA offers dedicated software test automation solution using industry-leading testing approach, best practices, and Automated Software Quality (ASQ) tools. We provide test automation maintenance services to its customers including:

  • Evaluation and assessment of existing frameworks & test suites
  • Enhancement of test suite and Test Framework to support application & platform advancement
  • Migration services to update legacy automation scripts to new automation tools. For example any tool to Selenium
Test Automation Framework and Benefits


Test Automation Framework & Benefits

We are the prominent QA automation testing agency in New York and we smartly provide full-scale test automation processes from scratch and ad-hoc automation tasks to improve existing testing processes.

ImpactQA’s solutions help companies reap the benefits of automation at a faster pace and in a more effective manner.

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Major Features and Benefits of Test Automation Services

Perfect compatibility with leading ERPs, Web, mobile, packaged solutions, and thick-client applications.
Flexibility in executing tests at different levels, i.e., test case level, application level, suite level, etc. across diverse testing environments.
Integration with commercial and open tools to make validation of complex business processes trouble-free.
Smart test cases tagging helps selection for execution based on “release objectives”.
Get accurate & consistent results. Single point maintenance methodology reduces overall operating costs, testing time, & brings about faster ROI.
Dashboards with comprehensive visibility into the status of the project, test execution results & analysis reports.
The framework shows performance & speed- offering not only best but also fast results.
Get automated functional testing, regression testing, mobile testing, & more.
Obtain better and faster results. Since automated tests almost reduce human involvement, they also offer objective testing outcomes.
Allow clients to run comprehensive regression tests for minor and major releases improving the overall application’s quality.
Reduce the price by using open-source components. ImpactQA’s Automation framework combines effective open-source components, which can slash the high prices of Web app testing.
Continuous integration (CI) testing with foremost CI server tools and various test data sources.
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We use the standard tools and test automation frameworks and provide our clients with high-quality services, including automation software testing, QA automation, mobile test automation, & more. We have been successfully helping clientele get past the automation challenge with our planned test automation services.


Tools we Use

ImpactQA offers dedicated software test automation solution using industry-leading best practices and Automated Software Quality (ASQ) tools. We help clientele to identify the accurate tools set & designing a test automation strategy so that they get maximum ROI.

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