The ImpactQA Approach

Well-Defined & Quality Driven

The objective of Software Quality Assurance is to ensure the functionality and business value of an application. But for an application to meet expected standards, certain tasks, processes, and features need to be benchmarked and monitored. At ImpactQA , we used these benchmarks to directly influence the implementation by also providing tangible feedback to developers.

At ImpactQA we strive relentlessly for the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our goal is achieved by constantly adhering to our customers’ need and following SQA best practices. It ensures we provide unparalleled attention to detail. The resulting is a quality-oriented culture which pays diligent attention to requirements, constant improvement, and process innovation. This procedure is incorporated throughout every stage of SDLC, resulting in software that is bug-free, released on-time for deadlines, and exceeds business’ expectations.

Understanding the BIG Picture & Little Details a two-step perspective:


Our expert consultants will define and improve the quality of your processes – designed to drive efficiency at a macroscopic level

Quality Control

We also directly appraise the quality of the product to weed out defects to ensure the end result meets your specified requirements.

ImpactQA’s in-depth knowledge of SDLC helps clients to save on the most valuable resources of all: time and money. Our team assists clients ranging from, independent software vendors and system integrators to global enterprises and Fortune 1000s to extensively improve their software throughout every stage of the development process.

An all-encompassing approach to SQA:

  • A quality management approach with cross project and cross team knowledge.
  • An open exchange via core skills and competency augmentation, in conjunction with employee training.
  • Effective software engineering technology coupled with advanced testing tools.
  • Formal technical reviews with total visibility in the methodologies used to gain results.
  • Multi-tiered testing strategy with the highest software development standards and control procedures.
  • Measurement and reporting mechanisms to gauge the health of an application and the tracking of metrics.

ImpactQA’s success stems from our reputed software testing professionals and quality analysts who utilize a breadth of technical experience and business domain knowledge. Our strategy incorporates an all-inclusive methodology for measuring the performance of our teams for testing projects in any technology set or industry domain. It’s how we ensure we keep the best software testers in the world ImpactQAers.

We use a baseline set of metrics as a starting point for every project, but technical Project Managers use their industry experience to add metrics that are pertinent:

  • Profitability
  • Productivity
  • Defect Life Cycle
  • Defect Processing Time
  • Defect Boost
  • Percentage of Function As Designed (FAD) Defects
  • Percentage of Rejected Defects
  • Percentage of To Be Reformulated (TBR) Defects
  • Overall Defect Density
  • Active Defects By Importance
  • Defect Validation Performance (speed of defect check)
At ImpactQA our approach to hiring the best talent has culminated in creating the industry-best approach to enterprise-level software testing and quality assurance.