Functional Testing
Comprehensive Functional Testing Services

Functional testing is a crucial step towards ensuring high quality software. Commonly referred to as black-box testing, functional testing does not require running tests at the the source code level to ensure software quality. Thorough functional testing requires testing software end-to-end from a end user perspective. This is achieved by providing the appropriate input, verifying the correct output, and comparing the actual results with expectations. This testing technique includes a wide gamut of system features, from integrity of information from APIs, assessment of the user interface, reviews of security protocols in place, and most importantly, assessing the performance and reliability of the functions of the system.

Our team provides complete test coverage starting with the business requirements gathering stage. Prior to starting our work, ImpactQA conducts a full-coverage analysis of wide-ranging business scenarios to uncover critical defects within your existing system. Beginning with an assessment of your application’s purposes, we then lay out a clearly defined implementation plan for aligning functional testing objectives.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Enterprise Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile-optimized and Responsive Web Design Applications
  • Web-services oriented Applications
  • Consumer-Facing Web Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • System Utilities and Applications

The ImpactQA Functional Testing team incorporates their process from unit testing to systems integration, fortifying all-around quality control in each critical area of software development and implementation:

  • Module/Component Level Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Systems Testing
  • Systems Integration Testing

ImpactQA Functional Testing features validation of an entire function or just a component of your product, from testing requirements to test execution, with extensive reporting and management.

Analysis of Requirements
and Application Functionalities

This first stage establishes a deep understanding of the intended users and their live environment. Our functional testing team works diligently with clients to understand project goals and deliverables. This helps us to ensure a streamlined approach to beginning a project, as well as in establishing a productive testing environment from the outset.


ImpactQA uses exploratory testing to uncover critical bugs that would otherwise go undiscovered with scripted testing . Our hands-on approach involves creating project plans to systematically target all components of a system. In addition, test design and test execution initiatives are performed in parallel with pre-defined script-based testing.


Regression Testing is a critical factor in delivering products and remains a reliable failsafe, especially as new versions of the software product are developed over time. Depending on the project and client requirements, several full regression passes may be scheduled in addition to the continuous regression testing to ensure that old system bugs don’t recur with new releases.

Manual Execution
of Functional Tests

ImpactQA expedites the testing process by using its greatest advantage over other testing firms: its ImpactQAers. With dozens of years of experience, our experts are behind every test strategy, analyzing the weaknesses of your software from an anthropomorphic-level, ensuring your system passes the biggest test of all: the human test.

Defect Tracking
and Bug Tracking

ImpactQAers thoroughly document and track bug statuses throughout the defect life cycle. All test outcomes are interpreted to understand the issues causing software failure to ultimately determine their severity. This then is utilized to create a rapid resolution plan and to institute the priority of fixes.

ImpactQA’s team of Functional Testers will help you verify your expected user functionality aligns with the actual functionality that your enterprise systems are supposed to deliver.