Test Automation Frameworks
Easy Maintenance Test Automation Frameworks

Test Automation has matured significantly since the earlier days of task-specific and stop-gap runs. Today we have increasingly refined automation tests that run on well-defined and reputed frameworks.

Test Automation Frameworks (TAF) are a set of rules, procedures, and tools that make automated testing successful. One of the main advantages of using a framework is the low cost of maintenance.

ImpactQA TAF services attend to the specific needs of the software applications at hand. We use a combination of commercial and open-source tools, components and languages, allowing our team to attend to the nuances of your specific project.

Our TAF is easy to adapt and re-use, allowing your in-house teams to modify the framework according to your business’ specific needs.

ImpactQA’s TAF services help our clients in various ways:
Testing Time

We use a combination of efficient open-source components, which can slash the relatively high time-barriers to complete testing.

Efficient Resources

Our approach to TAF ensures the best use of resources to ensure that employee overhead and redundancy is minimized

Rapid Results

Our approach to TAF provides speed and performance that is impossible to achieve through manual-testing approaches.

Our team will assist in developing TAF strategies to ensure smart allocation of testing resources that result in quick deployment, stable performance, and reduced overhead. Our track record is proven through extensive experience for clients across multiple verticals.

We provide our clients with:
  • TAFs that can be set up on the client-side or remotely.
  • TAFs for tools such as HP QTP, Selenium, and others
  • TAFs that provide real-time results and analysis.
  • Customization through an open streamlined structure.
  • Automated tests that can be launched with a single mouse click and little technical know-how.
  • Seamless integration of TAFs with internal testing tools to increase testing outreach and efficiency.
ImpactQA removes the tedium related to building an automation infrastructure. By building a foundation, we create level solutions supported across a large variety of verticals and domains for our clients consistently.