About ImpactQA
An End-to-End Testing Powerhouse

ImpactQA provides comprehensive Software Quality Assurance solutions to improve testing processes from development to deployment. Our approach focuses on reducing the number of incomplete or missed deadlines, reducing time spent on ensuring requirements, design, development due to poor code, and increasing transparency through enterprise systems documentation. Our team incorporates industry leading testing methodologies, tools and best practices.

We provide full life-cycle QA and application testing services, ranging from business solution testing for enterprises to QA consulting and dedicated software testing outsourcing. Traditionally, we emphasize a holistic approach that used testing across SDLC to ensure you maximize the ROI on your software development and maintenance investments..

Our clients benefit from global delivery centers in the US, the UK and India, which we use to provide global reach for our enterprise clients. For every project, we stick to an approach combining proven testing processes, scalable strategies and effective governance.

As a leading software testing company, ImpactQA has been providing mission-critical software testing services to clients across the globe. Our SQA and application testing teams ensure considerable savings on time, development costs, and operational expenses in both the short- and long-term.